Where it All Begins

So what is the Araya Wellness Center?

It is an institute here in St. George to help treat several conditions through hyperbaric oxygen therapy. If you became lost at hyperbaric, don’t worry you’re not alone. To some this word may sound foreign, intimidating, or even intriguing. Hyperbaric therapy involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber. The amount of air released in this chamber is increased to three times higher than the average air pressure.

What does this mean?

Stay with me now. We’re getting to the good part. With this amount of air being released into the chamber, blood is now carrying this oxygen throughout your entire body. This helps to fight off bad bacteria, and it invigorates the release of stem cells. Stem cells are referred to as, “an internal repair system” according the website stemcells.nih.gov.  All of this helps the body to heal internally and externally. This kind of therapy is meant to be relaxing. While lying in the chamber anyone can meditate while listening to their own music. The hyperbaric therapy can help treat wounds that simply won’t heal. It is also an effective use for athletes as well, because the chamber is bringing more oxygen to one’s tissues. This promotes a faster recovery for sports related injuries. This therapy can be helpful for a list of reasons ranging from a stroke to someone who is battling with depression.

In the End

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be great for everyone, regardless of one’s health. Remember everyone happiness is as important as health. To feel happy, healthy, and knowledgeable about your body keep coming back to my weekly blogs.

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