Rhythm of the Beat: Sound Healing Therapy

Often times when someone hears the word therapy, they envision a doctor sitting

in a chair, listening to all the problems of the world. In fact even the word therapy itself

frightens some. Not everyone is comfortable with revealing their true feelings and

personal life experiences in order to feel emotionally and physically relieved. The good

news is though, that there are alternative ways to heal without talking and it involves the

technique of healing through sound.

Sound healing therapy is widely used to create balance in a sometimes

unbalanced world. This treatment uses the beat and frequencies of instruments to train

our brain waves, which creates a transitional shift from normal consciousness into a

meditative like state. Thus increasing the chances for internal healing. An article titled

What is Sound Therapy, from the College of Sound Healing, writes how the human

body is made of about 70% water. This enables sound to travel smoothly throughout the

entire body. The therapy is very meditative and soothing for both the mind and body.

While in a still place one has the potential to become more aware of every sound

coming in.

Some of the key instruments used for sound healing include: Himalayan singing

bowls, drums and at times a singing voice. These types of sounds are great for our

bodies because they induce a calmness that takes over. Noises like a loud train moving

along its tracks, a repetitive car alarm raging in a crowded parking lot and a cute baby

crying in a line, all can affect our bodies negatively. They directly affect our stress levels

and can lead to an imbalance in the nervous system. When an individual is stressed,

even everyday sounds can become magnified. Feelings of irritability and anxiety may


Outer stimuli is continuously blocking our thoughts and it may be harmful to us

when trying to maintain harmonization within ourselves. Sound healing therapy can be

rewarding in many ways. A health organization known as Eternal Life Holistic Centre

practices sound healing. In their findings, and many others it has been discovered that it

provides results with sleeping disorders, anxiety, depression, stress management and

much more. Therapy may sound like a frightful word to many, but it doesn’t have to be

anymore. Sound therapy and therapy of any kind can be beneficial for anyone.

Everyone deserves inner peace and with sound treatment, freedom is available.

Overall, the treatment leaves one with a better connection to themselves, and an even

more positive outlook on life. Let the rhythm of the instruments take you away to a

better rhythm of life.


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