For the Love of Sports: A Faster Recovery for Athletes

Let’s take a glance into history. We’ll be going all the way back to around 450 BCE. This was during a time known as Greece’s Classical period. There lived an ancient physician known as Hippocrates. He studied medicine, and was very cultivated in the practice of health. Hippocrates was known as a very insightful man. He writes, “Healing is a matter of time, but it is also a matter of opportunity.” Healing can be very powerful, and it is important in every aspect of life. Hippocrates was very captivated by the human body. He studied medicine and brought new light to the way diseases were looked at. Hippocrates wanted to cure everyone, but as he says it is a matter of opportunity. He would prescribe medicine along with other healthy practices. Such as simple ideas like exercise, massage, and hydrotherapy. If this wise man was only alive today, he would know just how many opportunities there are for healing.

The famous Hippocrates knew that exercise was a very vital part of life, and even to this day everyone would agree. But exercise can be done in excess to where it actually harms the body. Athletes play a very important role in our society. They are strong both physically and mentally, but even they can over work their bodies. Athletes may not have time to let their bodies rest long enough before their next big event. This potentially could lead to serious injuries. If only there was a way to restore the body in a productive and quick way. Well the good news is that there is. Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are becoming very popular, and have been around for over 60 years. Oxygen is known to have natural healing properties. And while in the chamber, three times the amount of oxygen we already breathe in is circulating throughout the entire body. This allows the body to heal more efficiently, and at a faster rate. Hyperbaric chambers work wonders for everyone especially athletes. It works to increase the potential of plasma and red blood cells that then carry oxygen to the tissues in our bodies. This can heal tears and breaks in the body. Athletes love to compete, and this brings more intensity. Usually the intensity in this competition comes with even more injuries. Hyperbaric chambers allow for more of a natural healing, rather than healing from medication. The results from the chamber will also be much more beneficial. It allows muscles to be repaired and essentially the brain will function better too.

Take for example the famous Lance Armstrong who was a former cyclist. Back in his day he trained very hard. He was a seven-time Tour De France winner, and even battled with cancer. Armstrong has also used a hyperbaric chamber, to help him train in higher altitudes. In these altitudes there is less oxygen, so training in this condition would enable the athlete to have a greater lung capacity. Athletes sometimes get some blood taken out while training, so their body is used to working with less oxygen and blood. There are some medications that work to restore the oxygen supply in blood, but these drugs are mostly forbidden from sporting events. The hyperbaric chamber remains one of the most effective, and is observed as one of the best methods to athletic training.

Hioopcrates wanted to heal people and their diseases. He wanted to make them happy and healthy. He also knew that healing was a matter of opportunity though. And hyperbaric chambers have given many people the opportunity to heal in an adventitious way. They have helped many athletes with their training. Many athletes use is to heal broken bones, and torn muscles. Hyperbaric therapy has also shown positive results for patients who have had strokes, those who suffer from depression, cerebral palsy, and many other diseases. The success of this therapy keeps climbing in the medical field, and doctors are recommending it for many of their patients. So whether you are an athlete or someone who wants to maximize their health; hyperbaric therapy may be just for you.


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