Cellular Health Microscope: Becoming a Better You

When I think of being healthy, I never put much thought into my blood cells. Is it just me, or is there anyone else? It shouldn’t come as surprising though, that everything we eat, drink, and the toxins we inhale daily are directly affecting our blood cells. It wasn’t until I met with Kim, a certified health consultant at Beverly Hills in St. George, that I learned the importance behind health and blood as a whole.
Kim gave me a health evaluation for a few important reasons. For one he wanted to give me the opportunity to really look into my health and to fully grasp the significance behind the evaluation. Secondly, he knew I could better inform our readers about the health evaluation by having my own experience. Kim gently pricked my finger for a partial drop of blood, and yes I promise it was gentle. He then placed my blood sample onto a slide and positioned it on the microscope. We were in Biology class all over again. From there the visual he saw through the microscope, was then displayed onto a T.V. screen. I was informed of how normal blood should appear, and by no means did I witness normal blood. The body is filled with living cells that reinforce and prolong our bodies’ tissues. These living cells consist of red and white blood cells. Red blood cells are very important to one’s health. They work to carry fresh oxygen throughout the body. My red blood cells showcased an unusual shape that results in an iron deficiency. If one doesn’t have enough iron in their body, then the body won’t be able to produce the hemoglobin that helps red blood cells carry oxygen. White blood cells are also very important to one’s health.
Have you ever been really ill, or had an infection? This could be caused by a low number of white blood cells in the body. There could also be a chance that there are too many of the cells in the body. A number of conditions and illnesses could be caused by the different levels of white blood cells. Other factors that could affect the levels result in, extreme stress felt physically and, or emotionally. Also, smoking cigarettes and high amounts of exercise can limit the blood cells. Technology is advancing every day and in ways that it allows individuals to improve their overall health. Whenever I think of being healthy I will now put emphasis on the importance of my blood, because everything we consume and inhale is affecting directing those cells. Foods rich in iron help maintain healthy blood cells, and vitamins are also very effective in building healthy cells. It is important to be aware of what we put into our bodies, especially if we want to ward off sickness, disease and infections. Check with your local doctor, or even come into Beverly Hills, St. George to get a health evaluation today. You may be surprised at how healthy or unhealthy your blood may be, but whatever the results there is always help to become a better you.

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